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Jodie May is a UK based artist, specialising in Mural art, Scenic art and Acrylic paintings. I found my love and passion for painting on a large scale during my teenage years after painting my first mural on my bedroom wall. After taking many different creative pathways and graduating University in Graphic Design, I am happy to be back to where I started. 


I have since been building my work, creating large scale wall murals for clients and progressing my scenic art skills through back drops and theming for events. I am inspired to paint through my own experiences in travelling, family and the life that surrounds me. I absolutely love sunsets, landscapes, animals and lots of colour, which can be greatly noticed in my variety of work.

As a recent start up, I hope to build my work, grow and progress even further in the near future. I am currently trying to build my knowledge and gain as much experience as I can in many areas, while challenging myself and setting myself reachable goals. 

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Email:   |   Tel:  +447713818484
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