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Find out more here about the services I have to offer

• Mural painting for your home, children's rooms, garden, or recreational space.

• Although I haven't done so yet, Im happy to paint in public spaces like schools, hospitals, buildings, restaurants and shops. 

• Can paint Landscapes, Cityscape, Characters, Animals, Nature etc. 

Mural Painting Services Include:

Commissioning a Mural - What you will expect

1. The process begins by discussing your ideas, either on the phone, text or by email, where we can discuss what you would like. If you have an image you would like painted or have seen something you love then send it over and i'll see what I can do. I find it much easier painting from digital images that are a good quality and not blurry when you zoom in. 

2. If you'd prefer not to email, I am more than happy to meet up and discuss your ideas face to face. I often much prefer this as I can see the space i'll be working in and get a feel for size. 

3. I do not replicate/copy other artists work.

4. Depending on the size of the wall, and on the image you would like, depends on the cost. If you're looking for something very detailed the price will be higher than something with little detail. For example: 






I also take into account the time, sometimes something without much detail like the tree at the top of the page, can take up to 2-3 days. Whereas the detailed landscape mural could take up to 5 days or more. Every mural is different however but i'll try my best to complete it in good time!

5. Often i'll draw a small sketch or design something on photoshop so you can get a rough idea as to how it will look like. you are able to then tell me any changes or possibly add more to it. 

6. When I begin the work I lay down some protective plastic sheeting and dust sheets on the floor, and cover any surrounding objects as well as tape the edges of the wall and skirting board.  I then pencil the outlines of the design by hand and then begin painting.


£100 - £180 

£300 - £400

Painting Services Include:

• I mostly paint animals and landscapes on canvas and have started to combine them together mixed with patterns. 

• I take other commissions for example kids characters, but do not tend to paint people or take portrait commissions. 

Commissioning a painting 


Like my murals the process is pretty much the same. I begin by discussing your ideas, via phone, text or by email, where we can discuss what you would like. With my paintings I like to paint from a photo, it does't have to be just one image as I can combine a few together to create one whole picture. Exactly like the chickens I painted! I find it much easier to paint from digital images that are a good quality and not blurry. My paintings are usually very detailed therefore pictures when zoomed in must not be blurry. If you choose to combine a few images together, I will put together a sketch or digital design for you to have a better understanding and visualisation of the final outcome. For example:

Feel free to contact me for any more information or questions! 

3 Photos combined together 

36" by 24"

Box Canvas 

£180 - £250

Painted from 1 Photo 

40cm by 40cm

Box Canvas 

£120 - £180

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